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The CharIN community is evaluating, developing and establishing technologies within the broader scope of CCS. Focus Groups, Subgroups or Task Forces work on specific topics consisting of numerous experts covering the whole charging value chain. Those cross-industry approaches eventually create reliable and relevant recommendations towards politic and standardization bodies. Furthermore, CharIN´s strong community itself is able to develop and establish technologies (e.g. certification processes or connector) which strives for a global application.

  • Megawatt Charging System (MCS)

    CharIN wants to help the Truck and Bus industry to create a new solution for charging their electric heavy-duty vehicles within a reasonable time. Therefore, CharIN initiated the Task Force megawatt charging system (MCS) to comply a holistic system approach based on the combined charging system CCS. The working group works now under the CharIN Focus Group Charging Connection and represents the whole value chain for the industry segment which ensures that all perspectives are considered. As new requirements from the industry were discovered also light electric airplanes and marine applications became a relevant field of this extended application. Therefore, the following requirements are currently being discussed:

    • Single conductive plug
    • Max 1.500 volt & 3.000 ampere (DC)
    • PLC + ISO/IEC 15118
    • Touch Safe (UL2251)
    • On-handle software-interpreted override switch
    • Adheres to OSHA & ADA (& local equivalent) standards
    • FCC Class A EMI (& local equivalent)
    • Located on left side of the vehicle, roughly hip height
    • Capable of being automated
    • UL (NRTL) certified
    • Cyber-Secure
    • V2X (bi-directional)

    In September 2020 the MCS group did the Opens external link in new windowfirst prototype testing at NREL’s facilities evaluating the fit & ergonomics, the easy connection and disconnection and the thermal performance of the connectors and inlets.



  • Automatic Connection Device (ACD)

    The automation of the EV charging process by application of Automatic Connection Devices (ACD) for automatic conductive charging is an essential part of the future strategy not only for commercial vehicles but also for passenger cars. Compatibility will be a key success factor for market introduction and market stability. Therefore the development of an ACD interface shall comply with the holistic system approach of the combined charging system (CCS). For automatic connection two technologies are considered: underbody solutions applying a special connector and side solutions applying the conventional charging inlet.

    Automatic Connection Device Underbody (ACDU)

    • All charging use-cases according to the CharIN ACD position paper, excluding HPC
    • Physical connector will be proposed by the CharIN ACD subgroup
    • Supports CharIN DC-CCS Power Class up to FC50

    Automatic Connection Device Side (ACDS)

    • All charging use-cases according to the CharIN ACD position paper
    • Physical connector shall fully comply with the current CCS
    • Supports all CharIN DC-CCS Power Classes


    CharIN plans to give a recommendation to standardization bodies regarding an Automatic Connection Device Underbody (ACDU) in a first step.. The idea is to create a harmonized interface for automatic conductive charging devices over different brands and power classes to create a proposal for international standardization bodies. Therefore, the ACDU subgroup defined general requirements for EVSE and EV hardware and communication topics which are summarized in the document Initiates file download"Public Request for an Automatic Underbody Connection Interface".

    Currently different proposals from CharIN members are evaluated by the group.


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