The CharIN Academy

What is the CharIN Academy?

CharIN Academy is the educational initiative of the CharIN association providing everyone an opportunity to benefit from practice-oriented trainings on e-mobility and charging topics. It is our mission to support the global transition to emission-free mobility by offering industry-leading trainings on e-Mobility & EV charging topics.

Our experienced trainers are leading experts in their respective domains and deliver state-of-the-art know how to interested parties of all knowledge levels in a pragmatic and interactive way. It is our goal to enable the whole ecosystem.

While we are continuously developing our global training program we are excited to already provide you with the following courses:

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Charging Communication with ISO 15118

Basic Training | 03/29/2021

Get a perfect jumpstart into the industry-approved charging communication standard ISO 15118. Learn the key concepts across all communication layers of this future-proof technology so you can actively shape this thriving e-mobility market with your innovative and interoperable EV charging products.

Advanced Training | 03/30/2021

Take a deep dive into the topic of secure charging communication with the user-convenient Plug & Charge feature of ISO 15118. We’ll focus on the certificate concept, necessary public-key infrastructures, encrypted communication via TLS, and XML-based signatures. The conveyed knowledge will enable you to build state-of-the-art secure and user-friendly EV charging products that shape the e-mobility market.

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