Sinexcel becomes a Core Member of CharIN e. V.

Sinexcel, on of the top three EV charger manufacturer in China, is happy to announce that the company has joined the international association CharIN as a core member with the aim to support global efforts to develop standards that make the charging of electric vehicles more comfortable for drivers.

CharIN is the worldwide global industry association that solves challenges and get cross-industry alignments on all charging topics. CharIN’s vision is to develop and establish the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the global standard for charging battery powered electric vehicles. As a registered association, the CharIN e.V. has over 200 members along the whole EV charging value chain from all over the world.

Sinexcel offers the most advanced and trusted technologies for EV charging solutions, while aiming the ultimate products and services. They are looking forward to supporting CharIN and the global efforts to push forward the ISO 15118 standard and the CCS system. Their slogan is everything about probability and charging experience.

About Sinexcel

Sinexcel starts research and development and production of EV chargers in 2010. Recently, they have launched a new generation of DC fast AC chargers, specifically for the European market. They have also developed a 20kW power module with high efficiency, small size and intelligent management. It is notable that it has an ultra-wide output voltage range (200V- 1000V DC), as well as a constant power range (330-500V, 600V-1000V).

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